Drummer, selector, and record collector from Madison, WI.

A few recent music projects:

Long form Listening and Mixtapes

Every now and then, I curate a musical tapestry of sounds that have been resonating with me. Usually it's a rhythmic mix from different corners of the world, blending traditional and contemporary sounds to create a unique musical experience.

Here's one from a little while back:

Worldwide Charts

1st in Chill Out, 2nd in Chill, 5th in World, 6th in Chillout, and 6th Electronic.

Album art of melting trees with text Senda - Greeenhouse


One Record Each Most Days

July 1, 2020 I started fully processing my vinyl record collection by categorizing, grading, and digitizing the entire library. Oof. I am posting each day's album occasionally post new records to my website here and on Instagram.

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