Drummer, selector, and record collector from Madison, WI.

A few recent music projects:

# Longform Listening and Mixtapes

Every month or so I assemble a collection of music I've been enjoying. Most often it's a blend of percussive world music.

This show was 1st in the global "Chill Out" chart, 2nd in the global "Chill" chart, 5th in the global "World" chart, 6th in the global "Chillout" chart and 6th in the global "Electronic" chart.


# One Record Each Most Days

On July 1, 2020, I began processing my vinyl record collection.

I am categorizing, grading, and digitizing the entire library. Oof. I'm posting each day's album to my website here and on Instagram.

In the future I plan to share some of the automations and tools I've set up to help with the process.

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